Tue 27 November 2018 – CONFERENCE DAY

16:00 Slam Masters’ Public Talk @ Anker’t Budapest

16:00 Workshop held by Hungarian slammer, former national champion: “Kristóf Horváth”

17:00 Bob Holman’s lecture on one of his main projects, “The Oral Tradition”.

18:00 Marc Smith’s master class about the genre of his invention

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19:30 The Grand Slam Debate @ Anker’t Budapest

An interactive dialogue about the developments of the genre, led by Marc Smith on one side and Bob Holman on the other. For the first time in the history of slam poetry, the two slam gurus can publicly discuss their sometimes conflicting views of slam poetry, reflecting on its origins, definition problems, commercialisation tendencies, institutionalised models, successes and downfalls.

Hosts: Philip Meersman (B) & Márk “Saiid” Süveg (H)

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20:00 “Shelter for everyone” Földalatti Slam Poetry Klub @ Menta Terasz

We are inviting the slammers and guests to our monthly club – this month’s topic is forced evictions and governmental attacks against the homeless – Join us after the debate!


Wed 28 November 2018 – DAY OF THE SEMI-FINALS

08:00 Tilos Radio Broadcast@ Tilos Studio

Invitation of V+ and US delegations for radio interviews and live acts to popular Wednesday morning talk show „Kolorlokal”.

17:00 Semi-finals of the European Poetry Slam Championship @ Anker’t Budapest

First rounds of the competition involving all European slam champions. Judges will be selected mainly from the US delegation and possibly other EU slam affiliates. Judge President: Bob Holman.

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Thurs 29 November 2018 – PERFORMANCE DAY

19:00 Showcase by Hungarian slammers

20:00 „Bridging Barriers” Live Showcase @ Trafó

Final performance production of an intensive, 3-day workshop session, worked out by seven Eastern and Central European slam poets (from Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) and Chicago’s Speak Easy Ensemble 2018, led by Marc Kelly Smith, displaying how different languages and cultures may be creatively brought together, with purpose and harmony, to produce fruitful and intriguing works of art, with dynamic interaction and audience engagement.

21:00 American Slam Showcase and other LIVE performances @ Trafó

Highlight performer: Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa – 2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion

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Fri 30 November 2018 – DAY OF THE FINALS

16:00 Discussion about the past, present and future of European Poetry Slam Championships (private event)

19:00 Finals of the European Slam Championship @ Trafó

Final rounds of the competition. Judges will be selected mainly from the US delegation and possibly other EU slam affiliates. Judge President: Bob Holman.



Sat 1 December 2018




Anker’t Paulay Ede Utca 33, 1061 Budapest

Trafó House Of Contemporary Arts Liliom Utca 41, 1094 Budapest


Main organizer:

Slam Poetry Magyarország Egyesület (Slam Poetry Hungary Association)

Partners, Sponsors & Support:

International Visegrad Fund

US Embassy Budapest Hungary – Funding provided by the United States Government

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Anker’t Budapest

Tilos Cultural Foundation

Slovak Institute Budapest

Austrian Institute Budapest

Finnagora Hungary

Citizens Association „Poezin” (Serbia)

Association of Citizens – Theater Workshop Prilep (Macedonia)

Public Organization Artistic Council Dialogue (Ukraine) Civil Association (Slovakia)

Detour Production z.s. (Czech Republic)

CultureAction Foundation (Poland)

The online stream is supported by


European Poetry Slam Champions:

Austria: Katharina Wenty

Belgium:Nathan Jonniaux aka REQ

Croatia: Stilda Roguljić

Cyprus: Constantinos Papageorgiou

Czech Republic: Filip Koryta aka Dr Filipitch

Estonia: Silver Sepp

Finland: Jonna Nummela aka Nihkee Akka

Hungary: Péter Molnár

Iceland: Jón Magnús Arnarsson

Ireland: Nuala Leonard

Italy: Luca Bernardini, Paride Rama

Lithuania: Aistė Šivytė

Macedonia: Marija Grubor

Norway: Sofie Frost

Poland: Aleksandra Kanar

Serbia: Nenad Ignjatović

Slovakia: Samčo Brat ďážďoviek (Sammie the brother of worms)

Slovenia: Neža Prah Seničar

Spain: Adriana Bertran

Sweden: Mattias Hammarström

Ukraine: Dmytro Lazutkin

Bridging Barriers Workshop & Performance:

Chicago’s Speak Easy Ensemble: Marc Kelly Smith, Nate Smith, Bailey Castle, Joel Chmara, Eli Bensusan

Mr Zurg & Yopo (France)

Goran Zivkovic (Serbia)

Elena Prendjova (Macedonia)

Tomas Straka (Slovakia)

Anna Kalfas aka Rudka Zydel (Poland)

Vaclav Sindelar aka Anatol Svahilec (Czech)

Pavlo Korobchuk (Ukraine)

Marton Simon (Hungary)

US Team:

Bob Holman

Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa (2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion)

Chicago’s Speak Easy Ensemble 2018:

Marc Kelly Smith

Nate Smith

Bailey Castle

Joel Chmara

Eli Bensusan