Péter Molnár became European Champion of Slam Poetry

Historical success for both him and the whole Hungarian Slam Poetry Movement!

Let’s have a look on the 2018 Slam Poetry European Championship Final Results

1. Molnár Péter – 58,7 points
2. Adriana Bertran – 58,6 points
3. Sofie Frost – 56,4 points
4. Jonna Nummela aka Nihkee Akka – 56,2 points
5. Katharina Wenty- 55 points
6. Nenad Ignjatović – 54,5 points

Jury’s Prize  – Adriana Bertran
Audience Prize – Nathan Jonniaux aka REQ

Thanks for all volunteered, worked, slammed and documented so hard, this would be nothing without you all!

Be the change yourself!