Euro18 Slam Week Revisited

Horváth Kristóf Színész Bob, Bob Holman

Whether you were there and want to relive the moments or you couldn’t make to one or more programs of the Slam Poetry European Championships at Budapest 2018 – this is a nice guide of what happened, photos, videos, the whole stream documentation. Enjoy!




Kemény Zsófi, Marc Kelly Smith, Nemes Márk


Day 1: Conference Day – November 27

Day 2: Semi-finals – November 28

Day 3: Showcase Day – November 29

Day 4: Finals – November 30




Bob Holman

Day 2: Semi-finals – November 28

Day 3: “Bridging Barriers” workshop

Day 4: Finals – November 30





Bob Holman, Süveg Márk Saiid, Marc Kelly Smith

Stream videos






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