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European Poetry Slam Championship 2018

Hungary is hosting the European Poetry Slam Championship in Budapest between November 26 – December 1, 2018!

Slam Poetry, perhaps the most active grassroots cultural movement in the world, appeared in Hungary in 2006, twenty years after its birth in the USA. The central force behind the Hungarian slam community is Slam Poetry Hungary Association /SPM. Our local community boasts nearly 20,000 Facebook fans and 6400 YouTube subscribers with more than 2.8 million channel views. The European Slam Championships are organised every year in a different country, it is mainly coordinated and united by Belgian organiser Philip Meersman of Creatief Schrijven (

This year, for the first time, it is Hungary’s honour to host this event, with slam champions and affiliates arriving from more than 20 countries. The Semi-Finals will be held on November 28th at Anker’t (subject to change), while the Finals on November 30th at Trafó Budapest.

Our goal is to carry out a large-scale, week-long international performance poetry festival, including the Championship contest, invitation of special VIP guests from Europe and the USA, and side-events with special attention to regional networks and interactive programs.

Hopefully we can also welcome the founder of poetry slam, Marc Kelly Smith among our guests, accompanied by a small group of Chicago poets (Speak’Easy Ensemble), and in addition Bob Holman, another well-known originator of the genre. The big plan is to host the very first GRAND SLAM DEBATE:

An interactive dialogue about the developments of the genre, led by Marc Smith on one side and Bob Holman on the other. For the first time in the history of slam poetry, the two slam gurus can publicly discuss their sometimes conflicting views of slam poetry, reflecting on its origins, definition problems, commercialisation tendencies, institutionalised models etc.

Bridging Barriers
Supported by International Visegrad Fund (link:

As part of the EURO18 festival we will produce a special V+ sub-program, inviting regional slam community members from Slovakia, the Czech republic, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia and the Ukraine.

Among the main program elements there will be an intensive 3-day workshop session with slam poets from the countries mentioned above to create a special, multilingual poetic performance in the name of “Bridging Barriers”. Speak’Easy, led by Marc Kelly Smith have created a training technique called “One Poetic Voice”, an innovative process of oral intepretation, already used successfully with German and French poets in the past. Here, they will work with the V+ slammers to interlace the poetic texts of various (mostly Slavic, English and Hungarian) languages into a performance act, to be delivered at the main event of the Finals.


Partner organisations:

Slovakia: civil association ( občianske združenie)

Czech Republic: Detour Productions z.s.

Poland: CultureAction Foundation (Fundacja KulturAkcja)

Serbia: Citizens Association ” Poezin ” (Udruženje građana ,,Poezin”)

Macedonia: Association of citizens – Theater Workshop Prilep (Здружение на граѓани – Театарска Работилница Прилеп)

Ukraine: Public Organization Artistic Council Dialogue (Львівська міська громадська організація “Мистецька рада “Діалог”)

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts Nonprofit Ltd.T(rafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza Nonprofit Kft.)

Tilos Cultural Foundation (Tilos Kulturális Alapítvány)

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